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As a member of China National Household Paper industry Association and Sinolight Group Household Paper Technology Center, Wenzhou Onepaper Machinery Technology Co. Ltd specializes in research. development. production. sale and service of household paper post-processing equipment We have many intellectual properties.

Our main products indude: OPR series high speed automatic soft drawn facial tissue packing machines, OPH series automatic facial tissue boxing machines, OPS series automatic thermal shrink packing machines, OPQ series large orbit automatic paper cutting machines. OPF series automatic roll paper residual paper/core separators. bOX {soft) drawn paper automatic packing production lines, etc They are aii independently developed and innovated. and some have filled domestic blanks.

Onepaper pays attention to infrastructure building and quality management We have made a huge investment in iniroducing a group of fine machining equipment and technologies that are internationally leading and domestically top-ranking. and established perfect production fiOw and quality management system to ensure product quality.

Onepaper lays stress on customer service A set of prompt and perFect customer service flow and system has been established Offices have been established in Guangzhou and more will be set up successively in North China. West China and other areas to provide customers with considerate and timely service and let customers feel passionate and warm zero-distance service.

Onepaper attaches imporlance to team building. employee quality education and skill trainings By adhering to the factory motto of "baha\n ng sinceraly and working diligently". and advocating the talent development concept we will make progress hand in hand with employees to se for our common goals.

We promise that we wiii be responsible for every customer and create value for him.

Undertaking the mission of 'providing stable and effident automatic post-processing equipment and solutions for production-oriented household paper enterprises' and aiming at the prospect of "making Onepaper become the first brand in China's household paper automatic post-processing equipment and solution field through technology and innovation". Onepaper sincerely invites you to compose a blue print together for achieving mutual brilliance!