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  • Drawn Facial Tissue Folding Machine

    Drawn Facial Tissue Folding Machine

      Application range: It is suitable for automatic folding (cutting can also be available) of box-type drawn facial tissues and soft drawn facial tissues. Main technical parameters (I) Folding part: 1. Folding roller face size: 1350mm 2. Base paper quantity: 12~16g/m2 (two-layer) or 18~22g/m2 (one-layer) wood pulp paper 3. Product unfolding dimensions: 180/185/190/200±2mm X (110~210) 4. Product dimensions after folding: 90/93/95/100±2mm X (110~210) 5. Folding type: V type folding 6. Folding speed: 500~1000 pcs/min/row 7. Horizontal paper cutter type: The upper cutter includes 1 integral high-speed steel fixed knife at the front and 1 at the rear. The lower cutter includes 3 integral high-speed steel rotary knifes at the front and