Large orbit automatic paper cutting machine
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Single(Double) Passage Large Orbit Automatic Paper Cutting Machine

Single(Double) Passage Large Orbit Automatic Paper Cutting Machine

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Single(Double) Passage Large Orbit Automatic Paper Cutting MachineIntroduction

Application range:

It is suitable for automatic cutting of facial tissue, paper towel, roll toilet paper (roll paper with paper core can be customized), etc。

Four innovations of the machine:

1、Automatic length measurement and equal division without accumulated errors;
2、Knife grinding technology from Germany ensures the quality of the blade;
3、Linear guide rail lifting and lowering with convenient operation and maintenance;
4、Double frequency new technology, saving power by more than 20%。

图为单通道大回旋切纸机,本产品已被维达纸业、雅枫纸业批量使用,深受好评。与同行产品相 比具长度更精准、切面更平整、速度更快、能耗更低之特点。


Main performance and structural features:

1、The production is completed through such procedures as automatic material feeding, length setting/measuring, cutting, finished products output, etc;
2、PLC and man-machine interface system are adopted to flexibly change the knife grinding time, cutting speed, cutting length and the cutting efficiency is high;
3、The frequency conversion speed control and servo tracking control are adopted, and the precise cutting length and flat cutting plane are realized through the optical, electrical and pneumatic integration;
4、It is provided with safety protection function so that the operation is safe and reliable; 5、The single passage paper cutting machine adopts cutting through upward and downward turning, so that the cutting plane of tissue is more flat, Especially suitable for tissues with height exceeding 120mm;
6、The length of uncut tissue can be automatically measured, and the length of tissue to be cut can be equally divided according to the setting, avoiding length deviation caused due to accumulated error of the first or the last tissue at each row;
7、The designs of removing uneven plane at the front and rear and automatically discharging scrap (especially suitable for soft drawn tissue paper packing machine) can be made according to customer requirements;
8、Linked production with the paper drawing machine, automatic boxing and sealing machine, soft drawn tissue paper packing machine and other equipment can be realized。


Performance technical parameters:

Item/model OPQ-150 I(single passage) OPQ-150 II(double passage)
Raw material specification Width 45-110mm adjustable, thickness 80-120mm adjustable (products of other sizes can be customized)
Production capacity 60-150 cuts/minute
Cutting length Can be freely set (within the adjustable range)
Round knife size Φ610mm
Power Three-phase four-wire 380V 50Hz 10KW Three-phase four-wire 380V 50Hz 12KW
Air supply 0.5Mpa-0.8Mpa
Air consumption 100-160L/H
Outline dimensions L2550×W1520×H2000mm L2550×W1520×H2000mm
Machine weight 2800Kg 3000Kg

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