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Fully automatic four-side sealing wet tissue packing machine (dustproof packing)

Fully automatic four-side sealing wet tissue packing machine (dustproof packing)

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Fully automatic four-side sealing wet tissue packing machine (dustproof packing)Introduction

Application range:
It is suitable for Four-side sealing of wet wipes, alcohol swab, and pad, disinfect cloth, etc.

Main performance and structural features:
1、 The machine work steadily and continiously, It is suitable for four-side sealing products of all types wet wipes/tissue, alcohol swabs/pad and so on
2、 Single bag or two bags in row can be setted freely (Max four bags in row for alcohol swabs).
3、 Full automatic pouch forming, photo electricity correction, no blank edge and fault forming
4、The tissue can be folded in different types. max 8 folding vertical, and 4 folding horizontal, fold freely by unfold nonwoven width, length.
5、 Adopts Japan imported spray pump, make it accurate adding with tolerance of 0.01ml/time. Multical kinds of liquid are available. it can add per liquid per bag or add all the liquid in the same bag
6、Double times sealing better to ensure the liquid adding volume and avoid leaking.
7、 The machine is easy to operate, PLC touch panel, could adjust the packing temperature and speed according to the packing material,product's thickness and length. servo motor. controlled by light, electric and air power, failures can be self- diagnosised and displays clearly.
8、 The full machine is covered with Stainless steel in good appearance, also easy to clear and durable. Low operation and maintenance cost. 9, The Confined glass cover, to avoid contamination , less noise !
10、 The Sealing molds is made ​​by aluminum alloy , have a very high thermal shock resistance, do not thermal deformation.


Performance technical parameters




Packaging form

卧式四边封包装Horizontal Four-side sealing

Packing material

CPP、PE、BOPP薄膜 CPP film,PE film,BOPP film

Packing specification


40-125mm( max 220mm)

80-175mm( max 220mm)



Maximum packing dimensions


Packing speed



Total power


Power supply type

220V 50/60Hz

Machine noise


Air supply

0.6-1.0 MPa

Air consumption


Outline dimensions



Machine weight




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