Napkin Tissue Bundle Packing Machine

One-paper brand facial tissue packing machines are well know in China and overseas market like middle east and shouth-east Asian. A tissue packing machine which packs multi bags of paper napkin into a large plastic bag, called Napkin Tissue Bundle Packing Machine or middle bag packing machine. it is usually settled at the end of the production line,

The Softpack Napkin Tissues Bundler Packing Machine we make always with excellent high performance, bucause Our company relying on continuous research and development, the company can customize production according to customer needs for different products. And the company has a group of high-quality production and debugging personnel and technical personnel, who can provide good after-sales service.

Application Range

The Napkin Paper Bundling Machine is suitable for single-row or double-row pre-made bag packing of soft drawn paper, cotton soft towel and other products.

Highlight innovation

10-axis servo motion control+remote IoT+data management + human-computer interaction+tracking and marerial separation+ detection+large specification.

Main performance and stractural features

  1. THis napkin tissue bundle packing machine with deign of compact and reasonable structure and sinple operation and adjustment, it can complete the steps of conveying the entire row of counting, bag pulling/opening, material pushing, gusset sealingm tail sidchargem finished product output, ect.
  2. Using 10-axis servo motor and 10″ touch screen, motion control system, the man-machine interface display operation is easier and simpler, with a high degree of automation, and more humane.
  3. The use of automatic material sorting and conveying mechanism is convenient for linkage production with front-end equipment, which can greatly reduce labor costs.
  4. The large bag tissue packing machine adopts photoelectic eye automatic detection and tracking system, it will not send the bag forward when without the material, that can effectively save packing materials to the greatest extent.
  5. The packing range is large, the adjustment is convenient, and the quick conversion betrween various specifications and sizes can be realized.
  6. Fully automatic bag pulling, double servo system drive control, accurate and reliable positioning of pre-made bags.
  7. Double bag storage design is adopted to meet the needs of uninterrupted work, and automatically move according to the height of the bag.
  8. Double push rods alternately push into the bag, servo system drive control;
  9. The front end can be connected with soft-pump paper packaging machine, cotton soft towel packaging machine and other equipment, and the back end can be connected with quipment such as packing and palletizing.
Product nameMiddle Bag Tissue packing machine
Packaging MaterialsPrefabricated bag (PE)
Maximum bag sizeL640×W450mm
Package styleSingle row 3-6 packs, double row 3-6 packs (according to size)
Medium bag inventory≤300个(pcs)
Packing specificationL120-420mm,W100-210mm, H40-110mmsingle row
 L120-420mm,W100-450mm,H40-110mmDouble row
Production capacity≤35(bags/minute)
PowerThree-phasefour-wire 380V 50Hz 11.4KW
Air supply0.6Mpa-0.8Mpa
Air consumption180-300L/H
Host dimensionsL7200×W3550×H1950mm
Conveyor dimensionsL4050×W1300×H950mm
Machine weight2600Kg