China Manufacturer Good Performance Folding Napkins Machine

When a searcher who search the keyword of Folding Napkins Machine on Google, we, as professional smart equipment manufacturer which provide full integrated solution of tissue Napkins production, Folding Napkins Machine is just one of the equipment among the production line which is used for folding the napkin paper, that`s mean folding the paper log into a V shape log.

Video about our Folding Napkins Machine cite from YOUTUBE here bellow for further reference

The Folding Napkins Machine made from ONEPAPER SMART EQUIPMENT CO., LTD,  is perfectly being able to connect the front end and the back end equipment of the production line. It also with high intelligence integration, and the tissue cutting amchine can realize a smooth man-machine interacting and Multi-machine interconnection.

  1. The Folding Napkins Machine can complete all the steps of unwinding, sdge embossing, full embossing, folding and seperator in one, the operation is simple and easy to master.
  2. Servo tracking unwinding is used to effectively control the tention, so that the folding effect is better and the size is more accurate.
  3. The folding machine can save 30% of energy due to the voltage stablization technology is used, the fan is equipped with a frequency converter, and the aire volume should be automatically adjusted when the folding speed is required.
  4. A fixed stop position techlonogy is adopted, so no need to rern on the fan and and no paper drop when the machine is stoping, greatly reducing energy consumption and paper waste.
  5. The Folding Napkins Machine is Using a new type of standing roller, no need to set shafts, pneumatic paper loading, greatly reduce labor intensity and paper change time.
  6. Adopt a new type of adsorption to effectively improve the adsorption performance and increase the folding speed of materials with poor adsorptivety.