Efficient High Speed Automatic Facial Tissue Folding Machine

High speed automatic facial tissue folding machines have become popular in the current tissue processing plant market, because with the development of technology, some automatic machines will gradually replace labor, and machines can reduce labor. Our company produces smart equipment, and the facial tissue folding machine is one of our products. It is used for folding the facial tissue, that`s mean folding the paper into a V shape.

Video about our high speed automatic facial tissue folding machine cite from YOUTUBE here bellow for further reference.

The high speed automatic facial tissue folding machine is made by ONEPAPER SMART EQUIPMENT CO., LTD, is perfectly being able to connect the back end equipment of the production line, such as facial tissue cutting machine. Compared with the previous semi-automatic folding machine, this machine saves manpower and improves production efficiency.


Main performance and structural features of high speed automatic facial tissue folding machine

1.The high speed automatic facial tissue folding machine can complete all the steps of unwinding, edge embossing, full embossing, folding and seperator in one, the operation is simple and easy to master.

2.Servo tracking unwinding is used to effectively control the tension, so that the folding effect is better and the size is more accurate.

3.The high speed automatic facial tissue folding machine can save 30% of energy due to the voltage stablization technology is used, the fan is equipped with a frequency converter, and the air volume should be automatically adjusted when the folding speed is required.

4.A fixed stop position technology is adopted, so no need to tern on the fan and and no paper drop when the machine is stoping, greatly reducing energy consumption and paper waste.

5.The high speed automatic facial tissue folding machine is using a new type of standing roller, no need to set shafts, pneumatic paper loading, greatly reduce labor intensity and paper change time.

6.Adopt a new type of adsorption to effectively improve the adsorption performance and increase the folding speed of materials with poor adsorption.


Performance technical parameters

Product nameHigh speed automatic facial tissue folding machine
Item/modelF1 SERIES
Folding formV-fold
Standing roll2 standards can be added according to customer requirements
Max diameter of jumbo roll1500mm
Inner diameter of jumbo rollAround 3 inches
Jumbo roll basis weight12-16g/m²(2 layers),18-22g/m²(1 layer)wood pulp paper,35-80 square meters of non-woven fabric (1 layer)
 Folded sizeCustomized within the scope according to customer requirements
Folding speed≤120 m/min
Fan power18.5KW, This power is the data of 6-line machine)
Total power22.5KW, This power is the data of 6-line machine)
Power supply typeThree-phase four-wire 380V 50Hz
Machine noise≤80dB
Air supply0.5-0.8MPa
Air consumption120-160L/min