The Advantages of Square Tissue Packing Machine

Square Tissue Packing Machines are among the new innovations in the commercial and industrial sector. These machines have been developed to make the packaging of tissues and paper products quicker and easier than ever. They are used to pack loose sheets of paper, which are then folded and sealed. They are also used to pack tissues and toilet paper. The advantages of using these machines are that they can be used to pack multiple sheets at the same time. They also make it easy for the buyer to be able to adjust the speed of the packaging machine to fit the needs of their company.

What are the advantages of using square tissue packing machines?

Square tissue packing machines are one of the most popular ways of packing tissue. The machines have been around for a while now and have many benefits. The machines are much faster than packing tissue by hand. Another benefit is that the machines can pack tissue of all sizes. The machines are also much more hygienic than packing tissue by hand. Tissue packing machines help to reduce the risk of cross-contamination, or the spread of bacteria from one part of the tissue to the next. There are also square tissue cutting machines, square tissue folding machines, etc. in the entire square tissue production line.

There are many advantages to using a square tissue packing machine. The advantages of using a square tissue packing machine include the following: It is easy to use and requires no special skills to operate. It is easy to clean and maintain. It saves time and removes the hassle of packing tissues by hand. And it is easier to pack the tissues into the machine. It is easier to transport.

There are many advantages to square tissue packing machines. One advantage is that the packing is easier to do. It is also easier to pack the machine with a large amount of tissue. This is because the tissue is packed in a square pattern. Another advantage is that the tissue is evenly distributed throughout the machine. This means that the tissue is not stuck in one spot, which would cause the machine to jam.

Main performance and structural features of square tissue packing machine

1.Onepaper brand square tissue packing machine with compact structure, beautiful packaging, firm sealing, tight and hot sealing guarantee product squareness. It can complete steps of batch numbering, cutting and tearing, filming, deeding , wrapping, corner folding, side sealing, output, etc.

2. This square tissue packing machine is using full servo motor and 10″ touch screen, motion control system the man-machine interface display operation is clearer and simpler, the automation and intelligence are high, the speed is fast, and the separation is more efficient and more humane.

3.The square tissue packing machine adopts automatic material sorting and conveying mechanism,which is convenient for linkage production with automatic production line, which can greatly reduce labor costs.

4. The photoelectric eye automatic detection and tracking system is adopted, and the empty package does not take the film, with saves the packaging materials to the greatest extent, The package film adopts inflatable feeding. The whole adopts point-to point fixed film, first fixes and then cuts the film, eliminating partial film, phenomena such as displacement.

5.The packaging range is large, the adjustment is convenient, and the quick conversion between various specifications and sizes can be realized.

6.The square tissue packing machine adopts flat push type, stable high-speed operation, modularized packaging area, it is more convenient to change products.

7.Spiral cutter technology is adopted to cut perfectly.

8.Separate heat dissipation and heating, perfect use of energy consumption, high-speed operation without sticking to the bag.

9.The material pushing transmission adopts full servo continuous pushing mode , which is stable, efficient and fast.

10.Thee front end can be connected with the large-circle paper cutter, and the back end ban be connected with the soft-drawing mid-packing machine, napkin line, etc.


The advantages of square tissue packing machines are that they are more efficient than the traditional manual packing machines. The square tissue packing machine is more precise and efficient at packing the tissue around the product. It is also easier to use and more precise. It is also a lot easier to store, which is a huge plus for small businesses. Square tissue packing machines are also easier to clean, which is a huge plus for bigger businesses.