How to use facial tissue medium packaging machine for more convenience and better performance

When you have a business you have to make sure you have the best machines that can handle the work load. This can be difficult and expensive. You will end up spending a lot of money on machines that you don’t need. However, there is a solution for this. You can save yourself the hassle and money by simply using facial tissue medium packaging machines. These machines are versatile and can be used for a variety of things such as paper towels and toilet paper. More and more people are using these machines because they are more efficient and versatile than other packaging options.

What is a facial tissue medium packaging machine?

The company’s new self-developed technology, developed the facial tissue medium packaging machine, it is suitable for single/double row prefabricated bag bagging of soft paper-drawing, cotton towel and other products. They are used to pack facial tissue in a medium-sized pouch. These machines are designed to make the packaging process easier and to provide more convenience. In the whole facial tissue production line, there are also facial tissue folding machines.

What are the advantages of facial tissue medium packaging machines?

Facial tissue medium packaging machines are a popular option for many consumers. They make it easier to handle large amounts of tissue. They also allow the paper to be cut more accurately and efficiently. They can also be used to produce more tissue than a standard machine. This is because they are more compact and can produce a lot more sheets of product. They are also easier to operate and maintain.

This tissue packaging machines,Fully automatic packaging, high efficiency and convenience, new servo drive, sealing and other operations are fully automated. Sealing pressure plate and side panel cooperate with each other to meet the customers’stringent requirements for packaging tightness. Server automatic control of four direction dynamic mechanism effectively improves the stability of bag loading and opening. The package is complete, the package is perfect and conforms to the visual senses of customers. This packing machine whole machine has a hanging design, which makes cleaning, maintenance and maintenance easier. Front-end can be on-line with big rotary paper cutter, soft-drawing machine, packing line and so on. It is fast, highly automated and intelligent, convenient for automatic production with automatic production line, and can greatly reduce labor costs.

How to use facial tissue medium packaging machines

Facial tissue medium packaging machine is a machine that is used to package facial tissue medium in the form of a roll. It is mainly used for factories and other large-scale production facilities. It is an important machine for many companies. It is a machine that is used to package facial tissue to be sold in the market.

Main performance and structural features of facial tissue medium packaging machine

1.This facial tissue medium packaging machine with deign of compact and reasonable structure and single operation and adjustment, it can complete the steps of conveying the entire row of counting, bag pulling/opening, material pushing, gusset sealing tail sidchargem finished product output, ect.

2.Using 10-axis servo motor and 10″ touch screen, motion control system, the man-machine interface display operation is easier and simpler, with a high degree of automation, and more humane.

3.The use of automatic material sorting and conveying mechanism is convenient for linkage production with front-end equipment, which can greatly reduce labor costs.

4.The facial tissue medium packaging machine adopts photoelectic eye automatic detection and tracking system, it will not send the bag forward when without the material, that can effectively save packing materials to the greatest extent.

5.The packing range is large, the adjustment is convenient, and the quick conversion between various specifications and sizes can be realized.

6.Fully automatic bag pulling, double servo system drive control, accurate and reliable positioning of pre-made bags.

7.Double bag storage design is adopted to meet the needs of uninterrupted work, and automatically move according to the height of the bag.

8.Double push rods alternately push into the bag, servo system drive control;

9.The front end of facial tissue medium packaging machine can be connected with soft-pump paper packaging machine, cotton soft towel packaging machine and other equipment, and the back end can be connected with equipment such as packing and palletizing.


You can use this machine to make a variety of different facial tissues in a variety of different thicknesses. The machine is also easy to operate, which means that you won’t have to worry about the machine being too complicated for you to use.