Productivity: Benefits of wet tissue automatic packaging machine

One of the most time-consuming and tiring tasks in any factory is the production of packaging materials. Packaging materials are necessary to maintain hygiene in the wet tissue industry. There are many packaging materials used in the wet tissue industry such as paper, plastic. Packaging materials are used in the wet tissue industry due to their properties such as strength, flexibility, and durability. An automatic wet tissue machine is a device that sorts and packages wet tissues automatically. A wet tissue automatic packaging machine has many benefits including increased production and increased safety.


The wet tissue automatic packaging machine is a machine that automatically packages wet tissues into individual packages. With this machine, you are able to produce more than 100 packets of wet tissues per minute. This is a great machine for people who are selling products such as tissues, paper towels, and napkins. This article is going to discuss the benefits of a wet tissue automatic packaging machine.

Benefits of an automatic wet tissue packaging machine

An automatic wet tissue packaging machine is a machine that automatically packages wet tissues and other products with a lid. The machine packages the products in a sealed container that is tamper-proof and is made with a special film. This machine is used in the healthcare and food industry. The benefits of an automatic wet tissue packaging machine are that it is much more efficient and produces less waste than a manual packaging process. It also provides a higher quality packaging.

It completes a series of operations including feeding, bagging and end sealing in one unit. The package is complete, the package is perfect and conforms to the visual senses of customers. This packing machine whole machine has a hanging design, which makes cleaning, maintenance and maintenance easier. Front-end can be on-line with big rotary paper cutter, back-end can be on-line with soft-drawing machine, packing line and so on. Roll-bag feeding is inflated, fast, highly automated and intelligent, convenient for automatic production with automatic production line, and can greatly reduce labor costs.

This packaging machine,Large packaging range, convenient adjustment, fast conversion between various specifications and sizes; The flat push type is adopted, the high-speed operation is stable, the packaging area is modular, and it is more convenient to change products.

Main performance and structural features of wet tissue automatic packaging machine

1.Onepaper brand wet tissue automatic packaging machine with a compact structure, beautiful packaging, firm sealing, pressing and hot sealing functions and characteristics, which ensure the packing of the product squareness. It can complete the steps of bottom sealing, batch numbering, cutting and tearing, bag taking/opening, feeding, bagging , end sealing, output, etc.,

2.Servo motor , 10″ touch screen and motion control system is used to realize the man-machine interface display being clearer and simpler. The automatic and intelligence are high, the speed is fast, and the operation is more efficient and more humane.

3.This wet tissue automatic packaging machine adopts automatic material sorting and conveying mechanism, which is convenient for linkage production line. It can greatly reduce labor costs.

4.The photoelectric eye automatic detection and tracking system is adopted, and the empty bag is not taken out, which saves packaging materials to the greatest extent. The roll bag adopts inflatable feeding and automatic correction.

5.The mold plate adopts a fore-part design, which can install two specifications molds at the same time, and can switch specifications with one key, installing the same specification mold can effectively shorten the movement circumference, thereby improving the speed and efficiency.

6.The batch number, bottom dealing, bag cutting and other station mechanisms are installed on the guide rails to facilitate movement and adjustment, and keep the center line unchanged.

7.The whole machine adopts suspension design, which is more convenient for cleaning and maintenance.

8.The front end can be connected with the large-circle paper cutter, and the back end can be connected with the soft-drawing mid-packing machine, packing line, etc..


Wet tissue automatic packaging machine is a new invention that can help you save a lot of time and money. It can be used for packaging various things like food, and makeup. It has many benefits including reducing the amount of waste and the amount of time you spend packaging. It can also help save you money on packaging supplies.

The wet tissue automatic packaging machine is a great machine for packaging wet tissues. The machine is able to pack up to 100 wet tissues bag minute and the machine is able to make up to 1,200 wet tissues per hour. The machine is also perfect for packaging wet tissues for export.