Facial tissue factory producing facial tissue by the facial tissue log sawing machine

A facial tissue factory is a company that manufactures facial tissues. Facial tissue is one of the most common types of tissue used in every day life. It is important for both hygiene and health. However, the process of making facial tissue is not very efficient. In this blog article, we will explore the process of creating facial tissue by the facial tissue log sawing machine.


Facial tissue is a soft tissue that covers the nose and cheeks. It is mostly made of cotton and is used to clean the face. The facial tissue log sawing machine is suitable for automatic cutting of tissue paper, toilet roll paper, toilet roll paper (custom roll paper required). Can be used with our company’s paper towel packaging machine for later stage towel packaging line. Overthrow the traditional mechanical aesthetics, create a new and simple mechanical appearance, hollow base for customers to clean the bottom, sealed machine wrap degree, can ensure that parts are not infected by dust for a long time, improve durability.

How does facial tissue log sawing machine work?

The facial tissue log sawing machine uses a blade to cut the facial tissue in the log into smaller pieces. The blade is made from stainless steel and the blade is mounted on a gear. The gear is mounted on a horizontal shaft that is powered by a motor. The motor turns the gear and cuts the facial tissue log into smaller pieces. The smaller pieces of facial tissue are then stored in a hopper and are ready to be packed. The facial tissue factory produces facial tissue by the facial tissue log sawing machine.

How the facial tissue log sawing machine is used in the production of facial tissue.

The facial tissue log sawing machine is used to produce facial tissue. The machine uses a blade to cut a piece of facial tissue into a flat log. The machine then cuts the log into pieces. The pieces are then twisted into a ball and placed into a hopper. The machine then uses a blade to cut the ball into pieces of facial tissue. The pieces of facial tissue are then placed into a box.

Main performance and structural features of facial tissue log sawing machine

1.Automatic facial tissue log sawing machine is adopted automatic material feeding, length setting/measuring and cutting to finish the products output.

2.PLC and HMI system are adopted to flexibly change the knife grinding time, cutting speed, cutting length and the cutting efficiency is high.

3. A unique highlight of this machine is that the frequency conversion speed control and servo tracking control are adopted, and the precise cutting length and flat cutting place are realized trough the optical, electrial and pneumatic integration.

4. The facial tissue log sawing machine is provided with safety protection function so that the operation is safe and reliable.

5.The single passage automatic facial tissue log sawing machine adopts cutting through upward and downward turning, so that the cutting plane of tissue is more flat, especially suitable for tissues with height exceeding 120mm.

6.The length of uncut tissue can be automatically measured, and the lighth of tissue to be cut can be equally divided according to the setting, avoiding length deviation caused due to accumulated error of the first or the last tissue at each row.

7.The designs of trimming and automatically discharging scrap(especially suitable for soft drawn tissue paper packing machine) can be made according to customer requirements.

8. Linked production with the paper drawing machine, automatic boxing and sealing machine, soft drawn tissue paper packing machine and other equipment can be realized.


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