Toilet tissue roll cutting machine-With Fair Price

In order to make the tissue paper produced in the factory the same size, automatic cutting machines are used instead of manual labor. Onepaper provides such a machine, the toilet tissue roll cutting machine. The machine is equipped with automatic knife sharpening and movable platen devices to cut the base paper into different sizes of paper.

Performance technical parameters of toilet tissue roll cutting machine

Product name: Face paper cutting machine
Item/model: OPQ-258I (single passage)
Raw material specification: Width 45-110mm adjustable, thickness 25-150mm adjustable
Production capacity: 60-260cuts/minute
Round knife size: Φ610mm
Power: Three-phase four-wire 380V 50Hz 7.4KW
Air supply: 0.5Mpa-0.8Mpa
Air consumption: 100-160L/H
Outline dimensions: L2015×W1820×H2100mm
Machine weight: 2600Kg

The paper cutting machine adopts high-speed steel blade, which is stable in cutting, wear-resistant and easy to replace. Not only that, it has an automatic paper pressing mechanism, which has good stability in use. In addition, it is simple and easy to operate, and can well realize human-computer interaction. Best of all, it’s perfect for anyone who needs to mass-produce toilet paper.

The facial tissue cutting machine adopts German sharpening technology to ensure the quality of the blade (improves the use of large round knives and reduces the cost of use), and the mechanical operating system is also very simple. And the front end can connect facial tissue folding machine, the back end can connect soft packing machine.