Automatic facial tissue bundle packing machine

The world today has so many products and brands. It’s hard for a company to make its mark on the market, especially when there are many people selling the same product. Every company needs to find its own unique selling point and make it stand out. However, Onepaper has a unique packaging method for facial tissues by using an automatic facial tissue bundle packing machine on the facial tissue production line.

Product name: Middle Bag Tissue packing machine
Item/model: OPZ-500SC
Packaging Materials: Prefabricated bag (PE)
Maximum bag size: L640×W450mm
Package style: Single row 3-6 packs, double row 3-6 packs (according to size)
Medium bag inventory: ≤300个(pcs)
Packing specification: L120-420mm,W100-210mm, H40-110mmsingle row
L120-420mm,W100-450mm,H40-110mmDouble row
Production capacity: ≤35(bags/minute)
Power: Three-phasefour-wire 380V 50Hz 11.4KW
Air supply: 0.6Mpa-0.8Mpa
Air consumption: 180-300L/H
Host dimensions: L7200×W3550×H1950mm
Conveyor dimensions: L4050×W1300×H950mm
Machine weight: 2600Kg

Automatic facial tissue bundle packing machine

This facial tissue bundle packing machine, the double pusher is alternately pushed into the bag, and the servo system drives the control. Front end can be connected with soft facial tissue packaging machine, cotton towel packaging machine and other equipment.

The benefits of this medium bag packaging machine include: 1. Reduces the labor costs and increase the production efficiency of the production line 2. It can save the company a lot of money to use this packaging machine 3. The machine is easy to operate 4. It provides a better packaging option for the facial tissue production line.

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