Napkin Tissue Bundle Packing Machine-High Quality

Product name: Napkin Tissue Bundle Packing Machine
Item/model: OPZ-500SC
Packaging Materials: Prefabricated bag (PE)
Maximum bag size: L640×W450mm
Package style: Single row 3-6 packs, double row 3-6 packs (according to size)
Medium bag inventory: ≤300个(pcs)
Packing specification: L120-420mm,W100-210mm, H40-110mmsingle row
L120-420mm,W100-450mm,H40-110mmDouble row
Production capacity: ≤35(bags/minute)
Power: Three-phasefour-wire 380V 50Hz 11.4KW
Air supply: 0.6Mpa-0.8Mpa
Air consumption: 180-300L/H
Host dimensions: L7200×W3550×H1950mm
Conveyor dimensions: L4050×W1300×H950mm
Machine weight: 2600Kg

Want to save time, space and money with your napkins? The Napkin Packing Machine–Tissue Bundle Packing Machine is the perfect solution for your factory. It is designed to make your production more productivity while saving you money. This napkin packing machine will help you pack your napkins into bundles, which can be hung on hooks or rods.

How Much Does It Cost For A Tissue Bundle Packing Machine?

The cost for a tissue bundle packaging machine is between $25,000 and $35,000. But it is not always, it depends on what brand of tissue bundle packaging machine.

Onepaper brand napkin packing machine is not only competitive in price, but also with high stable working performance and providing very excellent technical suport.

This is because 1paper-as a professional napkin packing amchine manufacturer, we deeply understand what our large range of customers really expect and want.

The Advantages of Using the Napkin Packing Machine

The napkin packing machine-Tissue bundle packing machine is a machine that is used for packing tissue paper into bundles. The machine is used to increacse production capacity and help save time and money. That means high productivity with less labor forces be used.

If you are now reading this post and a napkin maker, you know what it is, tissue bundle packing machine a necessary equipment of a napkin production line. Imagine how to you bundle your single napkin packs without a sort of this machine?


The best way to pack a napkin is to use a tissue bundle packing machine. This is a great way to save money as well as reduce waste. You can purchase these machines online or at your local kitchen store. They are also very easy to use. They are also great for catering events and parties.