Napkin paper making machine-Good Performance

Product name Napkin paper making machine
Item/model OPR-128S/150S
Packaging form Three-diamensional
Packing material CPP film,PE film,BOPP film
Packing specification L:90-180mm, W:80-110mm, H:20-80mm
Maximum packing dimensions L180W110H80mm
Packing speed 128/150 bags/minute
Heating power 6.50KW
Motor power 16.00KW
Total power 22.50KW
Power supply type Three-phase four-wire 380V 50Hz
Air supply 0.5-0.8MPa
Air consumption 200-260L/min
Main machine L4050×W1400×H1915mm
Conveying mechanism L3850×W750×H1420mm
machine weight ≈3500Kg

There are many kinds of napkin making machines, such as napkin folding machines, packaging machines, etc. They are an integral part of the napkin production line.

Firstly, Facial Tissue Cutting Machine is suitable for automatic cutting of tissue paper, napkin paper. Secondly, Napkin Tissue Paper Folding Machine is a device that can fold the base paper into the shape desired by the customer. Thirdly, Napkin Tissue Packing Machine adopt the company’s new self-developed technology,12-Axis servo motion control, new self-developed technology. And this machine is used for automatally packing napkin tissue. They will form a perfect production line, producing many products.

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