Wet tissue packaging machine-Essential Equipment

Having someone to do the job for you sounds like a dream come true. But, then again, nobody wants to be in the position of having to deal with the mess and the hassle of wet wipes. If you want to avoid having to deal with the hassle of having to manually pack wet wipes, you can invest in an automatic wet tissue packaging machine. In this article, we’ll discuss what an automatic wet tissue packing machine is.

A wet tissue automatic packing machine is suitable for automatic bagging of cotton soft tissues, wet tissues, sanitary napkins/pads, etc. This machine can be used to pack a certain amount of tissue into a certain size box. There are many benefits to using an automatic wet tissue packing machine. For example, it can save time and money. These machines are different from conventional wet tissue packing machines in that they are more efficient and require less manpower.

Wet tissue packaging machine

Performance technical parameters

Product name Wet tissue packaging machine
Item/model OPO-220M
Packaging form Bagging and sealing packaging
Packing material CPP film,PE film,BOPP film
Packaging specification L:80-220mm, W:80-120mm, H:40-100mm
Packing speed ≤70 bags/minute
Heating power 3.5KW
Motor power 9.5KW
Total power 13KW
Power supply type Three-phase four-wire 380V 50Hz
Machine noise ≤80dB
Air supply 0.5-0.8 MPa
Air consumption 200-260L/min
Main machine L5400×W1400×H1850mm
Conveying mechanism L1330×W450×H1440mm
machine weight ≈3300Kg

They are also more efficient in that they pack the tissues in a more compact and uniform manner. These machines are also able to pack tissues more quickly and with more accuracy. These machines also require less space and can pack more tissues than a conventional wet tissue packing machine. Front-end can be on-line with big rotary paper cutter, back-end can be on-line with soft-drawing machine, packing line and so on. If you are interested in this machine, you can visit our website and wechat us.