Facial Tissue Log Sawing Machine-Professional production

Onepaper Smart Equipment Co., Ltd. is one of the larget scale of facial tissue log sawing machine manufacturers in China. It is located in Zhejiang, which is one of the most famous Chinese cities in the field of paper industry.

Introduction of facial tissue log sawing machine

The facial tissue log saw cutting machine is suitable for automatic cutting of tissue paper, toilet roll paper, toilet roll paper (custom roll paper required). The simplicity of the look and the simplicity of the operating system make him an ideal choice for beginners in the paper towel industry.

This Tissue cutter can be equipped with facial tissue folding machine. Firstly, it has independently developed safety protection function, and the operation is safe and reliable. Automatically measure the length of uncut paper towel, and the cutting surface of paper towel is smoother. Our new mechanical aesthetics is leading the way with many of our peers. In addition, our new mechanical aesthetics is leading the way with many of our peers in terms of appearance.

Onepapercompany is engaged in designing, developing, manufacturing and selling of wood sawing machinery. Our company has more than 10 years of development and experience in this field. What’s more, we have been honored by the “China Top 500 Enterprises” in 2016. Our company is also honored by the “China Top 100 Enterprises” and “China Top 100 Supply Chain Enterprises” in 2017.