Plastic Facial Tissue Wrapping Machine

One paper brand’s new plastic facial tissue packing machine is the latest in high-performance wrap technology. The machine’s plastic wrapping material is made with a unique blend of polymers, allowing it to be wrapped tightly around a tissue and then stretch it to fit.

Introduction of plastic facial tissue wrapping machine

This makes the tissue easier to use and less wasteful than traditional paper tissues. It also provides a stronger and more durable wrap, which can withstand up to 10,000 wraps per roll. The machine comes with its own dispenser, making it easy to use.

This machine has a user-friendly design and operates quietly with little maintenance required. The Onepaper brand plastic facial tissue wrapping machine is a highly recommended item for your business.

The automatic packaging machine has a man-machine interface, and the parameter setting is convenient and fast, which better realizes the man-machine interaction. In addition, it adopts full-servo electromechanical, high degree of automation, high degree of intelligence, convenient for linkage production with automated production lines, which can greatly reduce labor costs, large packaging range, easy adjustment, and rapid conversion of various sizes.

Onepaper has a strong and soft texture and is free of chemicals and dyes. There are also no added fragrances or preservatives. It can be used for your everyday needs or as a perfect gift for any occasion. In the paper making process, raw materials are mainly paper, pulp, water, chemicals and energy. The raw materials are mainly supplied by mills, paper mills and various other paper making enterprises.