Automatic tissue cutting machines-with a large rotary blade

Automatic tissue cutting machine cut the tissue paper with a large rotary blade. The blades are guided by a computer-controlled servomotor. Automatic tissue cutting machines are ideal for general purpose use, as they can be programmed to cut a wide range of materials, including paper, plastic, cloth, leather, cardboard, film, and metal foil.

What is an automatic tissue cutting machine?

A tissue cutting machine is a machine for cutting tissue paper. The machine is generally to cut the tissue paper with a large rotary blade in order to produce sheets or rolls of paper or to cut out a pattern in a larger piece of paper.

How does the machine work?

This automatic facial tissue cutting machine is completed by automatic material input, length setting/measurement, cutting off, finished product output, etc. The use of PLC and human interface system operation, flexible changes in grinding time, cutting speed, cutting length, cutting efficiency.

The rotary blade is connected to an electric motor which is either a stepper or servo motor. The blades are usually mounted on a moving carriage assembly that moves the blade across the paper. The automatic tissue cutting machines can be produced in-line with other products of our company. Our company also has automatic tissue packing machine and tissue folding machine.

In short, an automatic tissue cutting machine uses a large rotary blade to cut tissue paper. The tissue paper is then delivered to the pre-set position on the table and the blade rotates around to cut the tissue paper quickly, accurately and efficiently.