Fully automatic facial tissue production line

High speed, high stable and high performance fully automatic facial tissue production line

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A tissue production line is a process that uses a mechanical device to produce paper tissues. This process is carried out by machine that mechanically cuts the tissue into 2.5 cm lengths, stacks the 2.5 cm lengths into boxes and sends them to a packaging machine that packages the tissues. It consists of many machines, including folding machines, cutting machines and packaging machines, etc.

Soft type facial tissue production line, face tissue packaging machine, tissue paper bagging machine,napkin pad making machine, A newly designed facial tissue napkin folding machine at a napkin factory.

In addition, a facial tissue production line is a machine in which facial tissues are manufactured and packaged. This machine is also known as a facial tissue factory. Firstly, they are typically used in large-scale, high-volume commercial settings. In this type of production line, facial tissues are manufactured and packaged by a single machine. What’s more, the machine is made up of a conveyor belt, a machine that packages the tissues, and a machine that prints the label on the package. Last but not least, the machine is usually automated and can produce up to 20,000 tissues per hour.

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