The Profile of Zhwjiang Onepaper Smart Equipment Co., LTD

The mascot–Pi Pi

TtTt is a cartoon character based on the monkeythe monkey is the most witty animal, implying that we are engaged in the business ofintelligent equipmentand express our pursuit of happiness with joyunrestrained and enthusiasm.

“king” on the foreheadrefers to ONEPAPERinner sageliness and outer kinglinesssticking to kinglinessand become No.1 in the tissue paper industry Eye is the window of soul.Big Eves Sparklingthere is bright in the evesthere is love in the heart.

Big ears collects all information,listen to the advice and criticism;left hand with”qian””spring and summer growing, spanner in the right hand with“kun”(autumn and winter harvest) meaning as bright as sun and moon;smile,full of positive energyopen arms running posture embrace beautiful to happiness.and welcome guests to visit ONEPAPERtogether to create great, share happiness. Engaged in intelligent equipment based on the business format,wit joy unrestrainedenthusiastic image to express our pursuit of happiness.